Distinguish fake vs real reviews

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It's very easy to tell if an account that posts reviews is fake or real. If your listing has fake reviews, anyone who does a little research will be able to find out and accuse you of it or reveal it to others. That's why you have to be very careful and do it right when buying reviews for Google.

Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are those that are achieved by paying other people to post reviews or through accounts that have been created just to post reviews. Google quickly hunts them down and labels them as fraudulent accounts. 

Real Reviews

Real reviews are for example the ones we get from Rating Trust Corporation. Reviews of real people who use your account regularly and post the review because they have used or know the business. 

How to know if they are real or false?

If you see a review and want to know if it is a fake or real account, you just have to open its profile and see where it has published. Most accounts of normal people tend to have reviews in 4-5 different cities at most. If you see that this account has put reviews in many more cities, the most likely thing is that it is false and is an account that only dedicates itself to putting reviews of clients who pay them. If there is little time between one review and another, it has a greater chance of being false and being penalized. For example, if on Monday you publish in a restaurant in Madrid and on Tuesday in a hairdresser in Barcelona and on the same Tuesday in one in Bilbao, you have all the ballots.

We leave you with an image where it is clearly seen.

The actual reviewer is clearly seen and has all the looks like a real account. We can see that he is a person from Barcelona, ​​that is why most of the reviews he has there and has published in other cities where he has been. The second already has more looks fake (eye that could be true, a person who travels a lot). To make sure you just have to read the reviews you have posted. If you have all positive 5-star reviews and texts evaluating how good all the businesses are, and in a short period of time you have in several different cities, it is most likely false. If a business listing has multiple reviews like the one on the right, you are probably buying fake reviews.

Congratulations, now you know how to find businesses that buy fake reviews. 

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