The motives

Why improve reviews?

Show the quality of what you sell

On the internet there are countless products to buy and services to hire or use, and they are all sold as the best. Customers the only way they have to know if it really is good is based on the real opinions of people published on platforms that control that they are true reviews like Goolge. Show your potential buyers that they are doing the right thing with opinions of people who have been satisfied. 

Increase conversion

It is proven that more than 80% of consumers look at reviews before deciding on one product or service or another. 

Increase in Google positioning

Before setting up this corporation, I worked for Google for several years. The elements that determine the positioning of a web page, that is, the position in which it is displayed when using the Google search engine, very briefly, are the following:

1) High reputation external backlinking, that is, links from other highly reputable pages that have a link pointing to yours and bring traffic. 

If pages that already have a high reputation point to your page, this tells Google that your website is reputable. If you have paid to get these links, in most cases it detects them and does not count them. 

2) Dwell time. That is, the time a user spends on your page and their interaction. To get a good Dwell time, the web has to be well done, load fast, have quality content and the visits it receives have to be.

This shows Google that the page is well done, since if it were not the case people would leave quickly.

3) Good use of keywords, metadescriptions, titles, urls and headings.

This is how we tell Google where the web is going and when to show it. 

4) Google Business listing and positive reviews. Every time it is having more weight because the backlinking (point 1) are bought and Google cannot be trusted so much. Although Backlinking continues to be the most important point, it is being more and more controlled and less prioritized. 

With positive reviews, we show Google that people who use the web are happy, showing them that it is a good service. If you were Google, which one would you rank first? 

Outperforms the competition

It is very simple, just answer these questions.

Of the following two options. What dental clinic would you go to? If you were Google, which clinic would you show people first in the search engine when searching for a dental clinic? Who gives you more reliability? In which would you invest your money?

Why use Rating Trust?


The most important point is that we use a system with real people and opinions, no shortcuts, fake accounts or gimmicks. In this way we make sure that there is no type of penalty from Google. Surely you will find other websites that give you more reviews and more quickly, but it is quite likely that they use accounts that are not real and you end up losing positions. 

Ease of use

The time is gold. That's why we take care of everything ourselves. You only have to select how many reviews you want and nothing else. 


There are times when our experts, through all our tools, fail to reach the agreed objective. For example, because we do not find so many people who know the product or service, or those we find are not entirely satisfied. 

In these cases, there are clients who request the return of the reviews that we have not obtained and others who temporarily give us their database (emails or telephone numbers of their clients) so that we can get more reviews. 

Cancel at all times

Regardless of the number of reviews you have requested, you can cancel the order at any time you deem appropriate and the number of missing reviews will be returned.

5 stars google
100% positive reviews

We screen out dissatisfied customers before they review.

100% real people reviews
100% real reviews

We do not use bots or fake accounts to avoid bans or penalties.

100% satisfaction guaranteed
Cancellation guarantee

Cancel at any time and your money will be returned immediately.

We do it all ourselves

We take care of the entire process and don't waste time.