En Rating Trust Corporation we are legit.
That is why we solve all your doubts with total transparency and you can consult us any questions whenever you want through WhatsApp at +34 632 926 111 or by email to ratingtrustcorporation@gmail.com 

Yes, the reviews you will get with Rating Trust are real reviews and verified by Google.

You can decide the average number of reviews you want per week approximately. For example, tell us I want one a week, or I want 10 reviews a week. We will put them following the parameters that Google sets for us, which vary for each tab.  

Unfortunately that is not possible since they are real reviews, but they will be reviewed by us and according to the business. If any review does not convince you, do not worry, let us know and we will delete it and replace it with another. If you want, you can tell us the keywords that interest you to appear and we will try to select the comments that contain them.

There are other platforms that let you choose the comment, even add photos, but most of these accounts are banned and can harm you, so you have to be very careful.

Thanks to our mobile application used by thousands of people in each city, we can easily locate people who know the business and ask their opinion.

If it is positive, we ask you to put it on your Google listing, and if it is negative, no.

It is quite simple, on other websites, you will easily find sections where they look for people who want earn money by posting reviews. If you buy them on those websites, you will be getting reviews that are not real with the risk of being penalized and that the reviews for which you have paid will end up being deleted. 

Google very easily detects these accounts that do it by charging since one day they put a review in Galicia, the next day in Mallorca, the next in Seville, the next day in Barcelona and so on. Then they have never been to the sites where they put the reviews not even close (Google saves the location of all the sites where you have been). From Rating Trust Corporation we recommend not to buy fake reviews. You can see our file in Google My Business and you will see that there is no negative review since everyone has been happy with our service.

If they are not real, yes you can. If you buy them on a website that pays others to put them, Google detects it as we have explained in the previous answer. The consequences can be the following:

  1. Reviews you have purchased are deleted.
  2. Google blocks your Business account so that no more reviews can be posted.
  3. It can harm your positioning in the search engine and even not show up on the map. 

En Rating Trust Corporation We 100% make sure this doesn't happen with our unique method.

Absolutely. With our method it is all very natural since those who put the reviews are real people who use their own account to publish.

At the end of the order, you will receive a report of the reviews we have obtained and the names. We have the warranty that if the user deletes the account or removes the review, we will replace it at no cost as time passes.

No, but we leave you some small tips and steps to follow to eliminate them in our post Remove negative reviews on Google Business. 

The answer is yes. We have consulted with the best law firms and we have looked for a way to make it so. You can see our article on the review legality.

Of course, you can request it by mail to ratingtrustcorporation@gmail.com or directly by WhatsApp at +34 632 926 111.