Legal Warning

Identity of the person in charge: Albert Vendrell
Trade name: Rating Trust Corporation
NIF / CIF: 43563209J
Address: C / Francesc Pi i Margall 109 (Barcelona)

Conditions of use of the web

This legal notice is a legal agreement between the user and RATING TRUST CORPORATION, the access and use of any of the contents of the page, the sending of data by the user (contact data, images, text messages, sms, mms, whatsapp and / or any other type of data) implies acceptance of the conditions of this legal notice.
The user is informed and gives his consent so that RATING TRUST CORPORATION can use the images sent by the user for commercial purposes, including the possibility of publishing it on the company's website and on social networks directly connected with RATING TRUST CORPORATION .
In the case of sending images of third parties, the user must request prior consent for the use of the images by RATING TRUST CORPORATION. The user will be responsible for any damage that may arise from the breach of the above commitments and will compensate RATING TRUST CORPORATION. the compensation, sanctions or claims that it is obliged to satisfy as a result of said breach.
In case of contact by the whatsapp app, the conditions of use will be those indicated in the application itself. 
RATING TRUST CORPORATION, reserves the unilateral right to modify the conditions of access to the web, as well as the contents included in it or the conditions of use contained in this document.

 Limitation of responsibility

The content of this website is of a general nature and has an exclusively informative purpose and effects. RATING TRUST CORPORATION rejects responsibility for any information not prepared by it or not published in a manner authorized by it under its name, as well as the responsibility derived from the misuse by third parties of the contents, as well as reserves the right to update, eliminate, limit or block them, temporarily or permanently.
The user exonerates RATING TRUST CORPORATION from any liability that may arise from interruptions in the availability of the website. RATING TRUST CORPORATION declines any responsibility related to the access and use of the links to other websites provided on this website.

Intellectual property

The contents of this website: text, images, trademarks, logos, audio and video files, color combinations, are protected by Spanish and international laws on Intellectual property rights. Unless expressly stated, the intellectual property rights over these contents correspond exclusively to RATING TRUST CORPORATION SL The user acknowledges that the use of the contents is strictly limited to the user's own personal purposes and that the reproduction, distribution, communication or Unauthorized transformation of such works constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights.
The user undertakes to use the contents correctly and lawfully and undertakes to refrain from deleting, evading or manipulating the "copyright" and other identifying data of the rights of RATING TRUST CORPORATION SL Likewise, the user will refrain from using the contents and, in particular, information of any kind obtained through the web to send advertising, communications for direct sales purposes or for any other kind of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to a plurality of people regardless of their purpose, as well as to refrain from commercializing or disclosing said information in any way.

User contributions

Except for a different particular agreement, the contributions (texts, photographs, drawings, etc.) that the users of the environment make to this website will imply the automatic transfer of the image right and the rights of reproduction, distribution, communication or adaptation of the content delivered , in a global geographic scope and for an indefinite period. This transfer will allow the use of the material in the environment itself (to carry out the purposes that motivated the collection), as well as the authorization to incorporate such content in those supports (CD-ROM, DVD, paper or others) that allow an activity promotion, archiving or research of the web by its owners.

Policy for linking to this website

If any user, entity or website wishes to establish some type of link to the RATING TRUST CORPORATION SL website, they must request authorization prior to making the link.
The link will not contain any brand, trade name, logo or other distinctive signs belonging to RATING TRUST CORPORATION SL
Under no circumstances, RATING TRUST CORPORATION SL will be responsible for the contents or services made available to the public on the website from which the hyperlink is made, nor for the information or statements included therein.
 Safety tips when using the Internet
In order to increase your safety when using the Internet, we offer you the following recommendations:
Do not open e-mails of unknown origin, and do not open attached files as they may contain viruses and other malicious programs.
Many email programs have modules for automatic removal of unwanted email (SPAM).
Install an antivirus program and keep it constantly updated.
Do not provide your personal data if it is not a trusted website. Financial data (credit card, among others) should only be provided in secure web environments (https protocol).
Don't use easy-to-guess passwords. Do not reuse the same password on different pages. Do not save passwords written in documents on your computer.
Periodically check that your operating system is up-to-date against the latest vulnerabilities detected.
Always keep your Internet software (browser, email, messaging clients) up to date.
Install firewall software to prevent attacks on your computer (some operating systems include firewalls for free).
Make, periodically, backup on external media (floppy disk, CD, pen drive, etc.) of important documents on your computer.

Your browser's privacy settings: Medium (recommended)

RATING TRUST CORPORATION recommends setting your browser's privacy settings to a medium level. This level allows the following actions:
Block third-party cookies that don't have a strong privacy policy
Block third-party cookies that use personally identifiable information without explicit consent
It restricts internal cookies that use escalation personal information without your explicit consent.